I'm planning a week long trip from NC down to the Johns pass area/treasure island in late Sept. Early Oct. We are bringing a 16' bass tracker and want to get into some fishing. What methods do you guys use at night around the docks. Do you anchor up and camp, or run and gun to many different lighted docks? I'm also wondering about boat traffic in the area will the small tracker get eaten alive by the wakes of larger vessels or are there idle speed rules in the boat dock/ finger island areas? From Google Earth I see several small bridges in the area that look promising have any of you fished these and what sort of depth on average are we talking about? Does this area hold tarpon at all this time of year? I will be posting more questions as time goes by, My buddy and I are already on pins and needles excited waiting for this trip, so any info would be greatly appreciated. We will be targeting everything that swims and a few things that crawl just to release them back to fight another day - a fried fish dinner one night. So while I'm waiting for answers I'll be searching the archives.

Thanks guys if you ever want NC fishing info I'll be glad to help if I can.