August 2, 2007


Summertime weather patterns have continued here on the Treasure Coast, bringing afternoon thunderstorms through the area on most days. It's a great time to get out early and get your fishing done before noon. We have had our best luck at first light this week. Once the sun comes up....lather up with sunscreen and head for deeper water around the flats to find the fish. Thursday it was so foggy that you almost needed the compass to find out what direction you were facing.

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Steve Krac caught this 22" trout along the Indian River flats...

Trout was our mainstay this week. Some nice sized ones have been feeding on the bait around the river. We have found most bites in two to four feet of water. Top water worked well for us most days. Capt Pat Wells found some nice trout hitting in the shallow waters with me this past week. Steve Krac and his friend, Warren found a few trout up to 22" with a top water lure early. Live bait on popping corks will work once the sun rises high. Harbor Branch up north and most of the flats to the south of Fort Pierce has been producing trout.

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First light and top water results for Capt Pat Wells.....

We found some nice snook hanging around the docks this week. Steve lost one nice one that headed under the docks and broke us off. Warren boated a smaller snook with a live shrimp also. We did see several large snook lurking around the docks to the south. Live bait has been our best option for the dock areas.

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Warren with another top water trout....

Some redfish up on the flats this week. They have scattered for now. Emmett and his wife found some tailing but didn't to cast at them as another boat cut in front of us within twenty feet of the boat. Of course, the fish headed out off the flats. Jerk baits and gold spoons have been our choice of lures for reds. There are still some nice snapper along the channel edges also for those anglers.

The inlet and turning basin has still been loaded with glass minnows and all the critters that chase them. Huge schools of mackerel, jacks, ladyfish and bonito have continued to follow the bait into the inlet area with the rising tides. Steve and Warren hooked up on several 10 pound bonito and boated one of them with much effort. Two were cut off by sharks.....we watch one big bull shark slash beside the boat and inhale a bonito that Warren had fought boatside. It's tiring fun!

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Warren and Steve shared the results of a battle with this bonito....

Tip of the Week:
Top water lures can bring much fun and excitement at first light on the river. I can't think of much that can get your blood pumped up, when a big trout crashes the surface in the quiet of the morning. With the full moon recently, I tend to go to a dark color lure to stand out under the moonlight. I will go to lighter colors as the sky darkens with the moon phases. Vary the way you work the lure, if you aren't getting a strike. Sometimes you have to work if very slowly with short pops, while other times you might need to work if frantically across the water. Have some fun soon with a top water lure!!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner