August 23, 2007


Dog Days of summer are upon us still and it's been hot around the Treasure Coast this week. Getting out early or late in the day offers the best opportunities to fish and a little comfort to go along, too. Fishing has continued to be productive for those early birds on the water.

Trout and snapper has been the best bite along the river this week. I had Tyler Serio, Chad Merrill and Jason Horn on the boat Sunday for the first Teen Anglers Tournament. While the big fish evaded us, they caught a number of trout, snapper, look-downs and a variety of fish for the day. It was a great day of fishing for the guys. I always look forward to the tournaments and taking the guys out. All three of them were awarded trophies for their catch.

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Jason Horn weighing in his trout and Tyler Serio with a Lookdown he caught...

The not hard to find the secret to fishing in the heat of summer. Look for the bait schools and you should find fish hanging around them. Snook, redfish and trout have been chasing the bait in the wee hours of the mornings and a good top water lure can get you a strike. Vary the way you work your lures until you get that hit and keep working it around the bait. Once the sun rises, switch to a suspending lure or live bait on a popping cork. The trout have been hitting mostly in the mornings, but you can still get a few to bite around the bait schools. There has been a good bite down towards the Power Plant and up north from Queen's Cove to Round Island.

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First light in Fort Pierce and trout fishing at dawn....

Snapper have continued to bite along the channel edges with live or dead shrimp. Fishing around structure on the bottom can get you a good mess for dinner. There have also been sheephead and black drum hanging in the same areas. Use small hooks to have the best chance for them. We have had success on both tides. I heard from several anglers who have had some good luck this past week catching some nice snapper.

Snook have been on the flats in the early hours chasing bait. Also look for snook and redfish to be lurking along the docks south of Fort Pierce. Lots of other fish around the river this time of year. We have been catching jacks, ladyfish, look-downs, barracuda and variety of other species that have invaded the river in search of a meal.

Tip of the Week:

Snook season open September 1st and is almost here already. It's a good time to check things and make sure you are ready for it. With the new regulations in effect, make sure you have something to measure your fish. Have you checked your snook stamp? Might just be time to do that, too. A lot of snook fishing gear isn't used as much during the off season, so it's time to check your rods, reels and line. It's usually pretty busy around the bait shops, ramps and inlets that first week. Make your plans and include alternate fishing spots if your favorite haunt is taken when you head out. It can get crowded, so a little patience, friendliness and awareness can help make for a fun experience.....hopefully a successful one, too!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner