September 6, 2007


A little cooler weather has eased up some of the heat on the Treasure Coast this week. Along with some afternoon showers, it has helped cool off the water temperatures on the flats. You can see the first signs of the mullet invading the river to begin the fall mullet run along the eastern Florida. It's a great time of year to fish the Indian River!

Most weeks, lately, it has been a trout and snapper report. I was on the water today fishing the shallow waters of the north of Fort Pierce. As I saw a flash in front of the boat, I looked out on a nice sized school of healthy redfish working their way across the flats. All were in the upper slot range and with one cast, I had on a 27" bundle of angry fish. The whole school lingered around while I fought the red and there were even several that continued to swim next to the hooked fish as it neared the boat. The redfish are back on the flats!

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Redfish action on the flats this week....

Trout fishing has continued to be most productive in the early mornings on top water or live bait on a float. Look for them to stay on the deeper edges of the flats for now, but they will begin to head up in the shallows once the mullet are in the river. As the water temps lower a bit, the trout will spend more time on the flats.

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The end of a battle, released to fight another day....

Snook fishing has been good for the night anglers around the bridges, jetties and docks. Most have been shorts and some nice over-slots have been taken. It's been a challenge to get in the slot so far this season for a lot of anglers. Early mornings on the flats will find snook feeding at first light and a top water lure can get a strike. Large shrimp or live bait works well around the bridges and jetties.

There are still snapper, jacks and ladyfish being caught around the river. Hit the channel edges for snapper. Jacks and ladyfish are all around the river this time of year. Look for things to heat up as the mullet continue to filter their way into the river. It's time to get out the cast net and be ready for some great fishing action!

Tip of the Week:

I fish a lot of soft baits on the flats. One thing that I do to keep my baits hopping along the grass is to hold the rod tip high while popping my baits up over the grass. Use short twitches to work the bait slowly along the bottom. I like to use CAL jigs on my soft baits and if you use short, sharp pops with your rod tip high, it will keep the bait jumping up before settling back on the bottom. If you practice, you will seldom pick up grass as you fish the flats. You can use weedless set ups also and use the same technique to work your lure.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner