Our new website is almost finished - but good to go.
As with everything we do, we are making it ourselves and boy is there a lot to learn...and I'd rather be fishing!

It's a both web-catalog and our first ever "store-front" (besides the sports shows).

Try anything from the "Special Offers" page or "Overruns" page and we'll throw in some "gifts" for FFF Members!
This offer stands through the month of September, then we'll think up something else.

(Just use "Contact" page and let us know who you are, when you ordered and what you want for free!)

Your choice:
  • 20 Asst'd Painted Jig Heads and Four Walking Sinkers (anywhere from 1/100 to 1/4oz mixed, with and w/o collars)
  • 6 Sparkey Bass Jigs 1/2oz and 1/4oz mixed (will not rollover on bottom)
  • 6 Triangle "9" Shad Jigs 1.5oz and 3/4oz (great in tough currents/Saltwater Hooks)
  • 6 Leg-Up Weedless Bass Jigs 3/8oz and 1/4oz mixed (sorry no skirts on freebies)
    These are sold nationally as "The Legacy"- we only own the molds, not the name...
  • 6 Tiger Strikes - Big Bite Bucktail Jigs 1/4oz, 1/8oz, 1/16oz, 1/24oz, 1/32oz and 1/64oz (one each)

    If nothing else let me know how we're doing with this website stuff. It's all new to us.
    Take a look around, just click below:

    Johns' Freshwater Jigs "Store"

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