Looking for guide in the Estaro Bay area. Willing to traval an hour in any direction. My son and I a coming down from Michigan and would like to get on some fish. Not looking to do the mangrove thing. I have been with out with 3 other guides in this area. Not a one of them new what they were doing. Sick of being ripped off. I am a guide in Michigan. I am sorry to say the standards in Florida must be much different then here. The first guy was a complete grump who had no people skills and saw nothing wrong with swearing in front of a 8 year old kid. The second just plain sucked at everything and had some sweet dead shrimp to fish with. After getting burned twice. I thought I had found all the unethical slobs in the area. Next up get all set to go and get my guide and boat sold right out from under me. Yup thats right. Some dude shows up waving some cash around and would like to go fishing right now. There I stood with my 10 year old son on the dock as the boat pulled out. Well he is now high school and says he want to give it a try again. How about you give me a call if your not a complete POS so called guide. I will be in the area from March 30 till April 4. Give me a call Andrew 616.450.1417