Fishing Naples and Marco has been "Jumping" this month. The Spotted Trout have been on the decline but the one's we've been hooking up have been "Pigs". Snook fishing and Tarpon fishing have taken center stage with the warm weather patterns of SouthWest Florida in the late spring. Naples and Marco Island water temps are getting into the 80's and air temps in the upper 80's. "Heaven on Earth" till about 2pm.
Snook are more numerous and feeding aggressively .We've been hooking up at some of my favorite holes and passes with,shrimp, live pilchards and variety of arties. Fish the snook on a tide with good current and keep the baits deep. I prefer an outgoing tide, but the first half of the incoming has been a productive period early in the AM. Fish the top end of the incoming and get your fly, bait or jig underneath the mangroves as far as you can. A well placed white bait, jig or fly will result in a lot of Snook Jumping action.
Tarpon fishing has been getting better every day, and speaking of "Jumping" will get nothing but better as Summer approaches. Larger schools have been seen cruising up the beaches and I've been targeting them "first thing" on most mornings lately. We hooked most up on mullet, threads and plugs mostly during outgoing tides. Most of the fish were in the 80-120 lb.range. Tarpon in the back bays in the 20 and 30 lb. range, have been plentiful too. Tarpon fishing should be really "Jumping" with the warm weather, so dont wait to book your Tarpon trips early to assure the best tides.
Red-fish are present and willing while your yanking Snook from the mangroves. Try working the edges of the sand bars and oyster reefs. I like fishing the sand and oyster bars in the back, moving in with a good incoming tide. I have been having good luck with not only shrimp but on the D.O.A Cal jigs, 3inch slashing and skipping baits.
Fun-fish Jacks,Flounder, Cobia, Sharks and more! These fish and others are common on the flats and backcountry. When encountered they all are a lot of fun with spin tackle or on the fly. Got one of the biggest Flounder caught in a long time, 22 inches, twitching a DOA shrimp on the bottom behind the boat while pitching to the Mangroves for Snook. You just never know whats next when fishing The Florida Everglades
For the next few months the word will be "Tarpon". I'll be targeting the Silver King during their northern migration, fishing the waters of Naples, Marco Island, The Florida Keys and Key West. It's shaping up to be a banner year so don't hesitate, get your fishing dates reserved. "Tight Lines"
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