Warbird Fishing Gear is a new up & coming fishing apparel & clothing company that have awesome artwork, done by Matthew Shunk.

We’re are making room for our brand new 2012 line and are having great sales on our current gear!

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The Warbird Fishing Gear Story: As kids we searched and explored the pristine waters of the gulfstream, miles off Islamorada into the Straits of Florida, in search of the infamous Man-o-War bird. The sight of a Warbird diving created indescribable excitement. Waiting for the inevitable. the outrigger to release and the sound of a screaming reed, left the heart in forever anticipation of the words "FISHI-ON." This experience created a passion and we have used this passion to create and bring you Warbird Fishing Gear!

Feel free to contact Eva for any sales @ warbirdfishinggear@gmail.com