September 28, 2007


Rainy days and rainy nights took over the weather forecast this week on the Treasure Coast. Fishing has been good if you braved the conditions to get out. We were stopped short for the Teen Anglers on Sunday due to thunder and lightning around the area. I managed a few hours later in the week before the storms moved in again. Looks like the pattern will continue next week as well. Break out the ol' rain gear if you try to get out. The water levels are high in the river and the quality has diminished and made it pretty cloudy for now. Lots and lots of bait out there and the fish continue to feed on it. The full moon slowed down the day fishing somewhat later in the week.

Look for bait being chased to find the fish this week. Snook, trout, ladyfish, jacks and bluefish have all been out there giving the bait fits. You might have to try several spots to find where the bait is being crashed. Fish around the bait for the action. Top water, suspending lures and soft baits will be good choices to fish with. Live shrimp or mullet will also be great baits. Trout has continued to be productive this week. Try a few docks with some live bait in the early morning hours. Snook will hang around those docks waiting for breakfast to swim by. Most of the docks, due to the higher water conditions, will be a good option to try this weekend.

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Lots of action awaits anglers this month on the Indian River....

Bear Point has been holding a lot of bait and we have been successful with trout there. Harbor Branch is another good area that continually produces fish for us. The bridges and channel edges have been yielding snapper and black drum with a few sand perch mixed in. I had one report of a large trout and 30" redfish caught up north of Fort Pierce. I had a few reports of flounder this week also. The night snook anglers that I spoke to reported mostly short snook being taken this week. A few slots and larger for the more successful ones. Live bait has been the best choice. Tarpon are feeding along the beach and inlets. Ladyfish and jacks are everywhere. Large ladyfish have invaded the flats and jumping on anything that moves. Great action for the young ones!

So much for a soggy fishing report this week!

Tip of the Week:

It's that time of year to get out the cast net and use some live finger mullet for bait. It's all over the river and the food of choice for the predators cruising the waters. If it has been a while since you used your cast net. Get out in the back yard and practice some before heading off on the water. There are several good sites on the net that gives instructions on using a cast net if you are new to the art. It isn't hard to do, just learn a technique that works for you and practice it. Enjoy the fishing this time of year!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner