As the fourth season of Nip / Tuck begins, things are really looking for plastic surgeons Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon).
Nip Tuck DVDSean and his wife Julia (Joely Richardson) are together again with a new baby on the way, is Christian and therefore be a Christian. However, things take a turn significantly faster, which marks a big change for society as well as Sean and Christian. Julia learns that the baby is born with a debilitating defect, True blood DVDwhich leads to split her and Sean and some new businesses, while a rich patient (Larry Hagman) and the company buys Christian falls in love with his young trophy wife (Sanaa Lathan ), which is also involved in a network of organ harvesting with a dangerous femme fatale (Jacqueline Bisset). Not to mention that Matt (John Hensley) joined Kimber (Kelly Carlson) in Scientology, which actually seems to help a little anyway.Two and a Half Men DVD

Christian is also a pleasant surprise to repossess the Wilbur child, when things seem to look again, but not for long. Cold Case DVDThis season is a lot of guest stars, as well as Kathleen Turner, Mario Lopez, Sheryl Crow, Peter Dinklage, and lays the groundwork for the series to go in new directions, such as Sean and Christian to leave Florida behind, and the stars, and sewn with plastic surgery, Hollywood in March. Overall, the fourth season of Nip / Tuck is another great season of the best shows, cable TV, and if you're a fan, picking up this DVD collection is an easy solution.

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