The show is about to launch the fourth season, and we do not even have a DVD set of the first season?! Why not? It's a popular show, Cold Case DVDwhich was rated in the top ten several times. It can be a "crime drama", but it's not like other proceedings on television. True blood
DVD[/urlCold Case has m...s-17-dvd-boxset-p-1001.html]Nip Tuck DVD

which makes the show a little more interesting. In addition, I appreciate the flashback scenes that give us an overview of the murders because they treat the victims as human beings rather than "cases" and I always look forward to the end when the murderer is revealed and they play a song of the year, Two and a Half Men DVDthe person was killed. It is surprising that, after three seasons of a show like this will still hold my interest, but it makes. They keep coming up with new twists and well written episodes that still come to me.

I just want to hurry up and release the DVD box set!

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