I will not go into a synopsis of the season.True blood DVD The description and other studies have already addressed. I'll just say that this show is amazing:) It is highly addictive. Nip Tuck DVDI thought that I love because I am a sucker for vampires and fairies, but I had no idea, I love her so much. My husband is also dependent - this is a great thing for him.Two and a Half Men DVD It really is not in things supernatural,
Cold Case DVDand he almost never watch TV anyway. However, we have been watching season 4 now occupied it came out - it just kills me that I have to wait a week between episodes! We watched the whole season 3 in two days. I have not seen the first two seasons, but they are on my list to buy.
Overall I think it's great.Well, be warned: heavy on sex, homosexuality, violence and strange at all. Not for everyone. So if you are not your thing, stay away.

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