This DVD collection brings together some of the most interesting cases,True blood DVD grisly and gripping cold True Crime United States. All cases are interesting,Nip Tuck DVD but some of them remarkable in this statement is the killer in the country [in which a detective uses a DNA sample to judge a serial killer of three women], the Zodiac Killer [explores the Mystery of the Zodiac killer and the role of DNA testing], Two and a Half Men DVDfrozen in time [how human remains found in freezer in a truck is assigned to a woman who vanished three years earlier,
Cold Case DVD and a path leads to the killer], Green River Killer [the notorious serial killings of women in the Green River] area, and much more.
I liked the format of the show - begins with the backstory of a particular case with actual footage of interviews with victims / s, witnesses and family members, interviews with detectives who worked / still working on the case and how they will solve cold cases.

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