I have for sale a Minn Kota Lightly Used Corded Foot Pedal....Minn Kota part # 1866075....I am told by

Minn Kota that this will fit either the Riptide ST or the Terrova Corded Models....I highly suggest your calling Minn Kota at

their customer service 800 number to be absolutely sure that this will operate your particular model number of either the

Riptide or Terrova trolling motors....I sent my motor and this pedal to a local Minn Kota authorized factory repair shop and

they found a loose wire in the motor head (which they reparired) and found nothing wrong with the foot pedal....I have since

sold that boat but the buyer chose not to take this corded foot pedal...???...lucky you because now I have this lightly used

foot pedal for sale....has all 4 rubber cleats on the bottom to prevent sliding, also has the cord and the plug with dust cap...also

has the variable speed control (from 0 up to 10) on the side along with the other normal functioning features....I understand that

this foot pedal sold new for $139.00 and here is one that is like new for less than half of that...If you are close I will be glad to meet with you or

tell me where you live and I will tell you how much it will cost to ship to you...just e-mail me @ bmr3368@aol.com

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