The man in this topic is a friend that we met on the internet 8 1/2 years ago. He's a quadriplegic that we've taken deer hunting for the past 8 years. He fires his gun by sucking on a straw that sends an electrical relay to the trigger. I help move the gun up and down and from side to side to get the deer in the scope. He can then move the gun around with his cheek to center the crosshairs. He has yet to go home empty handed. We have a ranch cabin that's handicap accesible. He hadn't been able to go hunting for 16 years because of not being able to find a place that a handicap person with his limitations can use.

He even has a fishing reel that has an electrical relay that turns the handle of his reel. He loves going out bay fishing on his brother-in-laws pontoon boat. He says he gets out of breath when he gets a big one. smile smile I asked him what if he were to fall over in the sea while fishing. He said, "I'll sink like a rock" and laughed. It's great to see someone with such limitations still enjoy life and have a great attitude.

Here's a link to the site his latest hunting story is posted on. It's a Texas hunting forum owned by JP that owns this site. I helped him set the site up way, way back.

One thing to always remember....... No matter how bad we might have something happening in our life, there's always someone else that has it worse than us. We all take too much for granted sometimes.