Reel Lite Clips

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Can be mounted to your boat, pontoon, kayak, horse trailers, camping site
yes even your dock or pier for added enjoyment when you are not fishing.

When not fishing just clip your lite on to your dock for more enjoyable hours
of just watching the fish swimming around the light!
Or use it for night light example:

Installing a light for your horse trailer does not have to be major issue,
Just clip your light to the clips and away you go. Then unclip and go fishing.
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Camping light
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Yard party light
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Trouble light.
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360 degree radius gives you the most efficient light compared to
many lights on the market in the price range of $700.00

Our affordable prices are from
$59.00 to $129.00 with 7 models to select from.

Designed to be used above or below water which illuminates the waters
around docks,seawalls and jetties. Late-night fishing is also more enjoyable since
lighting attracts a wide variety of fish for the avid angler.

If you are fishing, or just enjoying the evening, you will be very happy with
your light.

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Incredibly durable, with wide selection of lights are protected in a high-tech
polymer housing.

The Light draws very little amps at 12V DC and emits virtually no heat.

With no bonding required or metal under the water, corrosion is eliminated.

50,000 hour bulbs one could run the light for 24 hours a day for 12-14 years.

Sealed unit therefore one does not have to clean the inside, maybe once a
month just clean the outside.

The lights are available in Ultra Blue, Ultra Green and Brilliant White.

It has 2 year warranty. Go to our order page Order here

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