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These rod holders were on the new boat that I bought, but I live in Minnesota and were allowed only one line per fisherman. I really don't need these.

Adjustability of the Rod Holders

The tube style rod holder is designed to index 360 with 20 interlocking positions, simply by lifting and turning our exclusively engineered spring loaded mechanism. When engaged, it is secured by machined teeth around the entire circumference for virtually no wear on the product ensuring a lifetime of sustainability.

In addition to the radial movement, the tube will adjust to any angle from 0-90 by actuating the padded lever. Unlike some competitors who use a spring loaded screw to fit into a couple sets of pre determined holes, our system allows for infinite adjust-ability with superior strength and a secured tight fit with no slop. The lever can be rotated in any direction to meet the needs of each user.

In the bottom of each tube a machined extension mates with the cross cut in the rod handle butt to keep the rod from swaying.

Thumbscrew Mount Features

The thumbscrew mount is designed for fishermen who would like to have the option of removing their rod holders easily at the end of the day for storage. The bottom (gunnel) plate mounts directly to the gunnel and has four threaded holes for which the -20 x thumbscrews secure to.

For additional mounting locations extra gunnel plates are available for purchase. This allows you to easily move your rod holders from one location to another without having to purchase additional rod holders.

No tools are required for positioning of the rod holder and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. All aluminum components are anodized to military specs. If you would like more info on these here is the web site. Cisco fishing systems

I have the rail mounts with these holders that fit 1" rails.
I have a pair of these holders in the "SILVER" they retail $350 each and the rail mounts retail for $105 each.

Asking $700 OBO Shipped for the whole works or will sell seperatly if you would like. [Linked Image]