I'm visiting in town this week to watch the FLW Event! I was going to do a guide but couldn't find any I really was interested in, that was not booked up already. Anyone on here familiar and on patter at Okeechobee? I'd love to meet up and go fishing with you a day or two or more. I'm free to fish all day Friday and a good 6 hours on Sat, Sun, Mon.

I consider myself specialized in flippin' and pitching' heavy cover. I am very much looking forward to dropping rexas rigged creature baits with 1oz+ tunsten and flipping hoooks on heavy braid and big sticks. I know the bite is good now and I'm ready to rock 'n roll. I have all my gear and would be fun to go out with for a day or more and as long as you know what spots to hit we will have a blast!

Please let me know if interested as I'm flying into town on Thursday. Shoot me a message or text/call. You can look up more info about me on the TexasFishingForum.com (Same S/N)or youtube.com/brentgrab Thank You!

Flippin' and Pitchin' for the Fatties!
PB 7.10