November 2, 2007


Just when you think things are going to comes the wind, waves and wetness in force to keep most anglers inside rather than on the water. Strong winds have prevailed this week along the Treasure Coast bringing rain along with it. The only fishing I did was walking along the mosquito ditches in search of water that wasn't white capping! Oh, the fish are out there, but it's been hard to find a day where you can fish out of the weather. Looks like things might soften up over the weekend and we might get some days next week to check out the water.

There hasn't been much to report on this week. A few snook and trout catches on the river. There have been a lot of jacks and ladyfish around. As I was walking the mosquito ditches, I spotted a huge school of jacks out in the river wreaking havoc on the bait schools. Looks like the action should be there when the weather is suitable to get out safely. Some of the hard core bridges anglers have been catching black drum, snapper and a few scattered redfish on the catwalks and jetties. Anywhere you can find to get out of the wind has been a good place to fish!

It's gonna take several days for the water to start clearing up again. It looked pretty good late last week, but with the blowing winds and rain, it will remain dirty for a while longer. The culverts around the mosquito impoundments are flowing strong and should be a good place to fish for snook in the early mornings. Early mornings around those areas are good for top water lures and can keep you out of the wind until it settles down again. The water has cooled off quite a bit, so expect the trout bite to improve along with the flats fishing in general. See you out on the water!

Tip of the Week:

With the weather conditions, I spent some time cleaning out the boat. It's always a good idea to do that several times a year. You find things you thought you had lost.....find things you forgot you owned.....find things you thought you had got rid of.....and have a chance to make sure everything is in working order and ready for the next trip. Check out your favorite lures and change the hooks when they get corroded. Make sure things are dry and not mildewed. Locate safety equipment and have it easily accessible if needed. Foul weather allows you to take a few minutes and do some much needed mean boatcleaning!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner