Our Ft. Lauderdale wrecks hold three main species (Amberjack, Grouper, Shark, Snapper & Barracuda) We target these fish and the most frequent bite is from Amberjack. The average depth of water for these wrecks are from 125 feet of water to 425 feet of water. The types of wrecks are sunken planes, 150’ freighter ships, 200’+ sunken freight liners, sail boat, yachts and even parts of a bridge have been intentionally [img]http://www.topshotfishing.com[/img] sunk for recreational fishing an diving. Some of the more successful wrecks are just outside of our port of Ft. Lauderdale and when the current is pushing either to the North or the South, the bite picks up good. Amberjack are a year round fishery, the better months are February, March, April, May and June. We have been very successful in targeting these deep sea fish off Ft. Lauderdale using live bait. Jigs can be effective, however the very best is to use live Tinker Mackerel, Speedo, Goggleyes, and especially a small 9” Bonito. The tackle we use is a 8/0 reel with 100 pound test leader usually around 35 feet long. The hook is a circle hook and is a 12/0 size. The circle hooks allow to hook the fish in the side of the mouth. Also to get the rig down to the wreck, we have to use around a 4 pound weight. Once we arrive to one of the fort lauderdale wrecks, we try to drop the bait close and even on top of the deep sea structure. Have to let the fish go down slow so it does not spin up. Amberjack are also called “Wreck Donkeys” or “Goldens” and they have earned their name because of their tenacity of the fight. Once the fish is away from the wreck, the fight usually is around 20 to 30 minutes. The fish will make a couple good runs trying to get back in her home.
The best part about fishing off Fort Lauderdale is we have the ability to target Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel and Amberjack in a 4 of 6 hour trip. Soo you can have a very productive trip fishing in a morning or afternoon off our charter boat.
To book a charter, call Captain Tommy Zsak or David Zsak and will be happy to discuss the charter and what is involved and or what is biting at this time.

Owner/ Captain Tom Zsak