The Fort Myers Beach Tarpon Hunters Club (The World’s oldest Tarpon Hunting Club) invites you to attend our annual FREE Tarpon fishing clinic.

Featuring Speakers on how to find and catch the Mighty “Silver Kings”, Table top, instructional displays on how to rig and choose the right bait, different types of tackle including conventional tackle, light tackle and fly fishing.

Learn about the benefits of belonging to the world’s oldest Tarpon Hunting Club including:

* Monthly meetings & newsletters, fishing reports & VHF communication
* Fishing Local Lee County, Gulf, Back Bay and Rivers

* Annual fees - Single Membership $40.00 Pre-registered for hunts
* Family Membership $50.00 Pre-registered for hunts - one address

* Memberships include Annual Club Picnic and Awards Banquet Trophies

Date: Wednesday March 7th 2012 at 7:00pm
Location: BONITA BILLS RESTAURANT ~ Under the Sky Bridge on your way to Fort Myers Beach
Follow the “Tarpon Clinic” direction signs

Contact Mac or Lois MacKenzie at 437-2487 for more information