Innovative Bait Wins Fishing 2012 Best Lure Award

COLUMBIA, S.C. (February 28, 2012) – The Sebile® D&S Crank was selected as Field & Stream’s Best Lure award for Fishing 2012. “Fishing Best of the Best” winners, along with other notable fishing gear, are featured in Field & Stream’s March issue.

“The D&S Crank is a great crankbait for fishing very heavy cover,” said Patrick Sebile, Global Director Product Management- Sebile. “The Sebile D&S Crank is a new twist on a very traditional bait.

Whether retrieved or trolled, Sebile’s unique Gravity Snagless Hook System uses gravity to hold the hook down in its lowest position possible. This allows the bait to run through heavy grass, brush and rocks without fear of snagging. The hook moves upward on the lure’s body during a strike for an immediate hook set.

The triangular-shaped body is armed with a moving wide gap hook so the point is protected by the lures flattened tail making the D&S Crank one of the first conservation-conscious lures. Since anglers no longer need to deal with treble hooks, catch and release is easier, faster and much safer for the fish.

Internally, there are three partitions each containing a bead that rolls different lengths to create different sound levels, making the D&S Crank targetable for a reaction strike on many levels. This bait is designed to run as deep as 20 feet while cranking and 28 feet while trolling, and is constructed of heavy-duty, ultrasonic-welded ABS material.

The D&S Crank is a premium lure designed for any fisherman that likes to target those species that hold tight to cover, but it also works well in the open water. It is available in nine fish-catching colors including: Matte Orange/Yellow Crawdad, Matte Brown/Red Crawdad, Holo Greenie, FireTiger Gold, Hot Lime, Natural Red Tilapia, Natural Shiner, Blue Althea and Natural Gold Shiner.

Field & Stream’s list of the best fishing equipment touches on every type of tackle: baitcasting, spinning, and fly fishing. The list also highlights the best fishing accessories, from electronics and lures to sunglasses and outerwear. Best of the Best items are sure to make it onto many anglers wish lists, with products to fit every budget.