Gary Fields from Erie, Pennsylvania, with his daughter Cindy that lives in Pine crest, Florida chartered our 46’ Hatteras the “Happy Day Today” for an offshore fishing adventure.

Mr. Gary Fields has health concerns and has yet to catch a Sailfish, so of course that was our goal for the day, Mr. Fields to battle with a Sailfish. Before we cleared the jetties we purchased a dozen Goggle Eyes from T & T Bait boat. We headed to our reef drop off which is 1.8 miles from shore. The drop off is where the reef goes from 80’ down to 170’ of water. This is where lots of fish travel along the reef and with trolling and live baiting, we are going to find a Sail for Mr. Fields. With two plainers down, four surface baits, we trolled towards one of our 34 artificial wrecks that sit off of Fort Lauderdale. With a couple of bites and no fish in the fish box yet, I headed towards one of our anchored freighters sitting in 185 ft. of water a little bit north of the sea buoy. There was a break in the weather, the rain subsided, sun was out and we put up two kites with two Goggle Eyes from each kite, one free swimming from the rigger and one down deep, we awaited Gary’s Sailfish to appear. With time running out, a half hour left, I pulled the lines in and made a move to a different artificial wreck. Wrecks are good habitats for all types of bait fish, and in return attract the predators such as Sailfish, King Fish, Wahoos, Sharks, Tunas, etc. We put out the same fishing set up as before, however, this time the Sailfish was feeding on this particular wreck – left short – bill out of the water, chasing the live Goggle Eye, a second later, he ate the bait and off he went. The Sailfish jumped out of the water, screaming line off, tail walking – just to fulfill a man’s dream!!!!! Thirty minutes later, he was brought to the boat, and pictures were taken with Gary smiling from ear to ear. I felt extremely satisfied knowing that I helped Gary complete one of his bucket list items!!

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Owner/ Captain Tom Zsak