Here in Fort Lauderdale FL, winds out of the north, northeast, 12-18 mph, seas running 3-5 in the Gulfstream, temperatures in the high 70’s, makes for a beautiful fishing day. I took a busmen’s holiday and went fishing with a good friend of mine, Al Kropp, and retired physician Dr. Jerry Zucker from the south side of Chicago.

As we left the dock and cleared the jetties in Fort Lauderdale FL, we headed to the north to an artificial wreck that sits in 147 ft. of water. We started there by flying two kites with live Goggle Eyes for bait – two from each kite and one from each rigger. Our first fish was a Mahi Mahi weighing 9 lbs, followed by a Bonito that was 16 lbs. Sitting there, watching the live Goggle Eyes splashing on the gleaming water, talking about old times, fishing in the Bahamas, catching Blue Marlins - one of our outstanding Blue Marlin fishing trips was when we caught four Blue Marlins in one day off of Boat Harbor in the Abacos.

As Doc and Al were puffing away on their cigars, a shark’s dorsal fin out of the water swam by the boat heading towards the live Goggle Eye. With no hesitation, he ate the bait and kept going on his way unbeknown to him that he was hooked. Thirty-five minutes later, the Bull Shark was released. Watching our baits closely, a black shadow appeared belonging to a Sailfish. After hooking up with the Sailfish, his whole body exited the water, tail-walking – what a sight to see!!!! Dr. Zucker was the angler - his first Sailfish. Pictures were taken and the Sailfish was released.

Owner/ Captain Tom Zsak