Gigging light handle
Here is inexpensive way to convert your Reel Lite into a gigging light.
The first picture below shows what called a “Forward model”
This design would be great for sweeping right and left as you are wading
With a EZ battery pack good for 30 plus hours of fun.

The second picture shows the the “T” model design.
This could be used the same way as mentioned above,
also forcing the rays of light forward at the same time.

When I build this it took all of 45 minutes to
come up with 2 designs for about $7.00 for the PCV.

With Reel Lites, you have advantage over many brands of lights being sold
you are done gigging, then use your light for night fishing, camping trouble light, dock, pier.
"Above or below the water don't matter" with Reel Lites

More details at
Gigging Light Handle

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