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(Note: left side picture was taken at 25Ft, reflecting off garage)

NEW! Super bright 3 Watt Blue LED
Adjustable Tripod fishing light and / or
Portable Camping Light.($32.00)

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Portable lights
You will be thrilled how the blue lights light up the waters and your fishing line or reflective bobber, without spooking the fish. Able to see baiting hooks etc. Another benefit is blue lights will not draw the bugs.

Spool your reels
Fluorescent Mono filament line
Blue light will make the line glow and look like the size of
pencil. Some of the popular brands are Berkley which makes a
great flame green fire line florescent line that works well with
blue light night fishing as well.

The reason this particular line works so well is that the
florescent coloring is not painted on the line, but rather is
chemically mixed into the actual line during production, which
means the color lasts much longer than other brands. Blue
lights will light up the fishing line for example: Stern yellow or
blue florescent line of 17 to 20 lb, which will assist one to
detect very light hits. The reason for the heavier line is one
tends to hang up more during the evening hours.

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