Miami Fishing
Capt. Jim Hale
July 11 2012

It has been an interesting 2 weeks here fishing in South Florida, great sunny and calm weather at times and on the other hand days where you are running for your life to escape thunderstorms. But in the end there is a lot of fish in Florida Bay around Flamingo.
I have to say the Redfishing has to be the best I have seen it in several years. We are regularly catching 23 inch Trout as well and a lot of them. Sharks Triple Tail off the beaches and occasionally a nice Snook up on the flats.
There are plenty of Snook off the beaches on the west coast .

Eric and Dianna Martinez with their 2 children Carlos and Cynthia both at 7 years old from Boulder Colorado caught unlimited amount of Trout Ladyfish Jacks and several nice redfish along with Eric bringing in an estimated 300 lb. Lemon Shark to the boat on a cloudy rainy day. I had a very nice day with everybody and the children were an absolute pleasure to fish with.

I fish with Jay Levine and Richard Lovett from the Miami area and caught 5 reds up to 10 pounds on the flats on a 4 hour trip, Reds were schooled up and tailing everywhere we looked. Richard's Reds were on spin with Trigger-X jerk bait and Jay's Reds were all on fly using a white and flash Clouser Minnow. We had shots at fish from the time we arrived until we headed for home.

I also fished this week with the guys from Shimano Reels, they came all the way from Japan for ICAST in Orlando. On both days Ken and Nagu caught Redfish on the flats with several Reds over 10 pounds and 3 Trout over 5 pounds on top-water Rapalas' Skitter walk Jr.. We also lost one Snook that had to have been 15 lb. in a pothole near Bradley Key!

Capt. Jason Sullivan fished with me and caught a 32 inch Redfish in Biscayne Bay using a live crab last Friday. I saw 8 to 10 schools of big "over slot" Redfish (slot is 18-27 inch) each school had 30 plus fish in it which is great to see. Along with the Reds were Tarpon in the 30 pound range and several schools of Bonefish roaming the same flats. The Reds have made a huge recovery in Biscayne Bay and I want to keep it that way by releasing all Reds unharmed in Biscayne Bay.

Some of the videos of the trips can be seen at my facebook page at ...

The fishing forecast is great!
Good luck
Capt. Jim Hale