Miami Fishing
with Capt. jim Hale
July 30, 2012

Gotta love South Florida, fishing is as good as its been in a long time.
On the water by 5:45 about 30 minute before first light and fishing until 1 or 1:30 before it gets too hot. Most mornings are calm where you can see Tarpon rolling, Permit or Bonefish tailing off in the distance.
Last week Hans Bauer and his son Hans, jr. Roberto Trabanino from Guatemala City Guatemala fished Flamingo with me catching plenty of Reds that were schooled up well to the east of Flamingo in Florida Bay we were using Berkley Gulp jerk baits. There was 1 triple header were all 3 hooked up to Reds at one time. Hans jr. the best day with seven reds and Hans catch 1 Trout at 24 inches.
Saturday morning was that way where we found plenty of Permit in Biscayne Bay Tailing and pushing wakes. We missed a double header by inches but I managed to hook and land a Permit close to 40 pounds using a live crab on a 1/0 Owner live bait hook.
Yesterday we fished Flamingo with Frank and Spencer Iannuzzi. Running through Buttonwood canal almost in the dark to find Snook and Tarpon on a beautiful calm morning.
Tarpon were rolling near but not close enough to hook one but we managed to land at least 15 Snook on shrimp and jerk baits. After that we pulled the boat out of the water and ran out-front to the flats that were loaded with Reds. After many tries at tailing reds Frank landed a nice 26 inch Red that had his nose buried in the grass on a dead shrimp.
I started polling the boat toward deeper water were we found school after school of large Redfish and we managed to catch 8 more that were in the 30 inch range,and and and we had a double header, all on Berkley gulps. Good job to all.

There are a lot of fish here in South Florida, Bones, Tarpon at night.....Snook, Reds in Biscayne Bay...its very good. Whatever you want to do just fish.
Good luck till next time
Capt. Jim Hale