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From all of the things you can purchase for your beloved child, why a choose a kid's kitchen play set? After all, a play kitchen can cost quite a bit more than other toys.ergo backpack What are the benefits?Some things to consider: Interactive Play Your girl or boy is actively involved with the play kitchen set.There are a things they can do from cooking, serving, eating to doing dishes. Your toddler is not being passive watching television or playing video game|with computer.Promote Imagination A pretend kitchen set, by definition, is all about pretend. ergo baby backpackThere are many ways boys and girls learn. children's is one of those ways. When a preschooler pretends,they can practice different scenarios to discover how things work.Pretend Play Mom cooks. Father cooks.Your toddler wants to emulate mom and dad. Doing as others do is a way a kid learns. Of course, you would never let your child play a real range. This is a job for a kitchen play set.Training So how can a child begin to learn to cook? They are too young to use a stove, but not on a kid's {kitchen stove.With a play kitchen you also have the playing opportunity to teach your girl or boy about food. You can find play food for every cuisine. ergo baby carrier galaxy greyTeach your girl or boy about the different types of food and nutrition.