High Winds, Cool Temps, and Big Smiles

High winds cool temperatures and 2 fishing shows have kept my fishing to a minimum. The cool front that came through made fishing tough and the high north and northeast winds only compounded the issue. On three different days I fished the Indian river with limited success. We found plenty of lady fish willing to bite on Rip Tide 3 inch mullet and on one day found plenty of small seat trout willing to do the same.

The best day out of the three turned out to be the one when my eleven year old grandson accompanied me on the river. I really believe God just smiles down on kids when they are fishing. Robert warmed up on lady fish and then later hooked into a 30 inch redfish while fishing just south of Titusville.

He was using a small red and white curly tail jig and I was using my usual Rip Tide Mullet. I had tried several colors that morning without a lot of success. At this particular time I had pinned a silver mullet on a ¼ ounce Rip Tide Pro jig head. Robert turned to me and said he wanted to trade rigs. Being a dutiful grandpa I agreed and he took my rig while I took his.

You guessed it, first cast and the rod bent down. It was obvious he had on a good fish so I went into the front hatch to pull out the dip net while he skillfully fought the oversized red. He has caught plenty of redfish, but this was to be his biggest. After a few minutes he brought it alongside the boat and guided it into the landing net. A quick high five with lots of smiles, a speedy photo session and the big red was back in the water swimming off to fight again some day.


We kept fishing a while before the wind drove us to the ramp. He added a huge gaff top sail cat to the days catch before we left. It was big smiles and high fives all the way back to the dock.


This week the wind has subsided a lot and fishing conditions are much better. Problem is I am laid up with what the doctors call Plantar Fasciitis. To me it just feels like I have the mother of all tooth aches in my heel. At any rate it is keeping me off the water and I am getting cabin fever big time.

I hope to talk to you real soon with great fishing reports from Florida’s Space Coast.

As always, you can visit my website at www.inshorefishingadventures.com to view pictures of the fish we catch in the Cocoa Beach area. That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley