Hey guys,
My name is alex. I come from germany. I study international business and I am going for a study abroad to tampa.
My biggest hobby in germany is fishing. I love to fish pikes, perch and walleye and I am realy interested in the US fishing world.
My Problem is: I do not really know much about the american fishing law and the fishing in general.where am i allowed to fish?How much is a license?
So please tell me something about fishing in florida.
In germany we usually fish from the bank. In the US you are using a boat or?How expensive is a boat?Is it possible to fish from the bank?
Do you everywhere need a boat?Do you need a drivers license for a boat?How difficult is it to fish in florida?

I never fished in saltwater. Can you tell me about that, too?

I am especially interested in the area around tampa because i am going to study at tampa university.

Thank you so much