It has been three hard days of wading, the roadside flats of the Florida Keys, starting on October 5th. Yes, it is good to be back here, enjoying the sun, warm water, palm trees, and the anticipation of seeing and fishing for bonefish. On the 3rd day, I finally saw a 1 school of a dozen bones ranging from 5 - 8 pounds...very exciting; but they were not interested in what I had to offer. How is it possible that a dozen fish competing against one another for food...and not one will bite the fly? They also acted drunk, flipping to their sides and circling back, breaking apart from each other, then back together again, and basically hanging around this little area for about 45 minutes.

I have seen this behavior before and know that they are not in the biting mood. I got about 15 good shots at them, changed flies a few times, had time to lengthen the leader, and basically give them my best regards, as they left the flats, leaving me just happy that I was able to see them, making it
a beautiful day. I will be back, as will they. I will post more on my website soon, in the fishing report pages.