Well another great day on The Two Georges has passed.We got to the boat about 730am to find it was hugely crowded.Maybe my reports helped, lol.
Weather was nice cruising out but the further we went the choppier it seemed to become. 1 ft, then 1-2, then 2-3 ft. think at best it was 3-5 with some doozies here and there.Took about 3 hrs to get to our first spot. Big grunts started coming over then a gag or 2. Then some red grouper wanted to play.
I went 0 for my first bow downs, kept getting joked. Fish were there then finally i got one red right at 20 1/4 Finally!. Started using some shrimp in hopes of a hogfish no love there but some huge grunts.
Well someone breaks out the Jose 1800 silver and the party begins.
Great bunch of guys i fished next to . BostonChuck was to my left he seemed to do ok. he can tell his report. So anyway Allison is killing the big ole grunts i am doing ok, maybe more sipping then catching. Day gets a bit nicer weather wise so it was a great day. Saw a baby Amber jack caught in 55-60 ft he was about 20 inches or so.
Well as the time clock got close to expiring i thought to myself, i said "self" we got some raw chicken wings,and i have heard rumors.So i joked about with the people in our group and we all laughed as i hooked one on and fired it down. not 10 minutes i am bowed up.. we all laugh it must be a snag. Low and behold here comes a 21 inch red grouper!! My god this must work we all laugh. So now that theres like 20 minutes till we head for the barn, everyone wants to try it. so the last 6 wings i had all get fired down. 4 more red grouper come up!!! were all on the "Plausable" side of the fence now. Then boom motors fire up and its time to go.
next trip raw chicken wings will be in the cooler forget all that shrimp,mullet,squid,greenbacks i usually bring. Just the wings baby!

Pool grouper was a 125 dollar 15lb gag, 2nd place was a 100 dollar 10lb gag.
saw alot of big grunts about 10 hogfish ,one about 4lbs. and probably 30 or more keeper grouper. I didn't stay to take pics like i usually do So total accurate count might have to be chimed in by another person.
But had a great day on the Two Georges, out of Tarpon springs Fl.