I have been fishing since I was about five, when I caught a relatively big fish, I believe it was a Salema (lat. Sarpa salpa) and got addicted. The problem is that fishing in Slovenia well... sucks, so that was my biggest fish for a while. I have gotten better at finding bigger fish lately and sometimes I even get them to bite, but I have always been aware of the limitations the adriatic sea poses. Luckily my family likes to travel and we have seen most of europe by a few different means of transportation and my rod was always with me. But fishing relies heavily on local knowledge and without it a four week vacation without a single fish worth mentioning isn't that unusual. I know I should look for advice among the locals, but no speaking french, spanish, portuguese or italian really limited my possibilities (we managed to visit four countries that speak a language i don't). Our trip to scandinavia was a different story, but that's just because there is nothing easier than catching fish in norway. Anyway, for the past few years I've been thinking of a life where no matter where in the world I find myself, there is local knowledge available and in the past month I finally put together a website that would enable that. All I need now are people willing to share their experiences. I decided to start with the places I would most like to fish and Florida is at the top of the list, so if you would like to contribute to a worldwide database of knowledge, go to Fisherman's guide to the world
If you find the website useless, ugly, pointless or just not working let me know that too.