Well, this was about a lousy fishing trip. Started off we broke a trailer axle and had to have the boat and trailer picked up and delivered to a repair facility. The following day we picked it up and left for the camping and fishing sight, $612.00 later. I've been a member of Good Sams for 16 years and they left me and Curtis for 4 1/2 hours beside the road. Said they couldn't get anyone on Sunday to come get it. The people that did come, I had to pay 140.00 cash or they wouldn't pick it up. Normally I don't carry cash so Curtis helped out to get us going. Put the boat in the water on Tuesday. Fished for two hours and the bracket holding the GPS transducer on broke off so I had no depth reading or temperature reading. I guess the guy that hauled the boat and trailer probably cracked the bracket while loading and unloading. Anyway we were only able to fish two days due to storms with heavy winds. We caught a total of 7 trout and about 7 sharks, one Spanish Mackerel. We normally fish the flats over a lot of grass. I've been fishing this area since 1962 and this is the first time that there was very little grass. I can't imagine what happened to it. Without the grass, the trout won't be there. We came home two days earlier as the winds were going to continue through Saturday.