Hello fellow fisherman,

My husband and I just moved to Fort Myers from Indiana. I grew up surf casting in New England but the fishing here as they tell me and as I've noticed is very different! If anyone could give us some ideas on where to go what to use to catch what etc, it would be appreciated. We have been reading up but have leaned more from other fisherman just by walking up to them on the beach. I'd like to know where we can fish here at night also. I love night fishing but all the beaches here say open from dawn till dusk. We have been to Bowditch point, lovers key, bowman beach and the causeway so far. All we caught were flathead catfish @ bowman. Also, we bought one of the spreading cast nets but cant get it to open right. We saw someone on the causeway with a drag net that worked great but we cant find a good one in a store anywhere around here. So many questions, wouldn't mind making some fishing buddy'(s) to hang out with here.... smile

Jenn & Patrick