Looks like the weather is clearing and the sun is shining on the Treasure Coast this week. We have a lot of rainy days behind us and the plants are happy and blooming around the area. We should be in the normal weather pattern of beautiful morning and a chance of rain in the afternoons. The water clarity has been very good in spite of all the winds and rain. June will provide anglers with some fantastic weather and excellent fishing action. Have fun this month and get out fishing!

We had a fun week on the river renewing friendships with some returning clients and making friends with some new customers. Jim, Tom and John were back out to enjoy a days fishing. The highlight of the day was the couple times that Jim seemed to lose his popping cork under the docks only to find that he had been taken by a redfish while he wasn't paying attention. It kept us laughing throughout the morning. Tim and Greg were back out for another day of fishing and found a good variety of fish to cooperate, including trout, blues and jacks. Kibby and Sandy had a fun morning with trout, jacks, blues and a very nice flounder. Steve was out with sons, Greg and Griff, on a windy day. Greg hooked all the big fish for the day filled with a good variety of species. Dave and Cody back out with me again on another windy day that provided lots of fish and it was topped off by a four foot bonnet head shark that Dave fought on light tackle for a while. Cody graduates this year and will be off to college. Best of luck to you Cody! We had lots of fun and smiles this week on the Indian River.

Trout have been in three to five feet of water for us this week. DOA shrimp or live bait work great on the trout. Don't forget to try the new DOA Airhead as either a top water or slow sinking bait on the flats. Trout seem to love them! Most of our redfish have been around the docks recently. It's been harder to find a day to enjoy the docks with all the recent winds, but that has slowed down and this week should allow anglers to enjoy the west side of the river. Keep on the lookout for schools of redfish in June. It's that time of year for them to gather up and move around the flats of the river. There have been some good sized jacks and bluefish patrolling the docks lately and we have chased our share of them. Just ask Jim, Tom and John about it! Snook season is over and fewer anglers will be targeting them around the area. There is still good opportunities for catch and release throughout the summer around the jetties, bridges and docks of the river.

You can find plenty of snapper around the area right now. Many keeper sized mangroves are just about everywhere in the river this time of year. You will find plenty of anglers fishing the channel edges, docks and bridges this month for snapper. Most will be using live or dead shrimp for the bait of choice. Bridges will also hold some sheepshead for those anglers. The surf will provide whiting, jacks and some bluefish. June is a wonderful month to fish the Treasure Coast!

Remember, as always, fishing is not just another hobby……it’s an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,
Captain Charlie Conner

Office view this week....
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