One More Cast
The weather man promised and delivered... The weather was absolutely fantastic. Not too hot, not too humid and not too windy. The water at the Mosquito Lagoon was ugly once again and it looks like it is going to remain that way for a while. There are some advantages to fishing the dark and murky waters. You can sneak up on them and put that lure right where you want it. The fish never see you coming. Started the day early as usual and covered a lot of ground before finding some fish. Spent the whole morning casting with no luck. It is now getting late, the sun is getting hot and just as I am about to give up for the day I see some Reds in the area.

Had to have that "One More Cast"

Did I mention that the water was dark and murky...? Oh, but don't focus so much on the quality of the water...and...enjoy the short little video below.
Youtube Video

Can't wait to get back out there...!