I went out 2 weeks ago and got nothing. This week was different for sure 8-3-13. I got 12 bass. The best 6 bass photos are attached if you can’t see the picture here is a link. Yes got those on my floating craw beaver bait again(www.floatworm.weebly.com ). Yes, same old story to most…LOL and some on a new war eagle spinner bait. www.wareaglelures.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=14
And 3 fish on a 1.0 Sq. bill crank. Most was in about 5 feet of water. I guess because the over cast day in the morning. Water was 79 degress. The bass weights are in the picture are : 5.1 lb. 4.4 lb. 3.7lb. 3.0 lb. 2.3 lb. 2.4 lb. I just got a new 958 HD DI and the 8” screen is nice. I can see all the way points from my 997. The way points really help on casting and catching bass in one spot.
Some might say they are small bass but who’s counting. They are still nice bass. And they are not the same bass. Look at the rods and the fish finder you will see they are all different. Rods are fixed up and the screen on the fish finder has different screen shots.
Here is the photo link also. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=9D6865FF107A1438!473&authkey=!AO2NPJvOEN58POs