Another Cold Front is Approaching Florida

Here we go again, after a week or so of decent weather another cold front is likely to slow down the fishing. With low temperatures predicted in the low 40’s the water temp is going to fall too. With that in mind, this report is going to touch on some cold water fishing tactics you can use.

First of all, think s-l-o-w. Fish are cold blooded animals and their body temperature takes on the water temperature around them. When the water temperatures are falling the fish are seeking areas where they can be comfortable. For this reason cold weather often moves the fish to deep water holes, canals, or to areas characterized by warm water discharges such as occur at power plants.

You will have to take a big dose of patience with you when the water temps fall. The fish become very lethargic and limit their movement considerably. They are not likely to chase a bait at hot-rod speeds through the water column. If you do catch a fish in an area work it thoroughly because they do tend to concentrate in areas that provide them comfort.

I have two favorite lures for working deep water during cold weather periods. The first is my old standby the Rip Tide Mullet. Rigged on a ¼ ounce jig head the mullet can be worked slowly along the bottom using a reeling retrieve. In other words, just cast the jig out and reel very slowly to drag the lure across the bottom stirring it up as it goes. I like to use a contrasting body and tail such as the chartreuse with red tail.

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What I am talking about here is water temperatures that have fallen into the 50’s with a passing cold front. You must make presentations that will be easy for them to eat. You almost can’t go to slow, but you have to make lots of casts and cover lots of territory.

Remember, the fish’s metabolism has slowed and they eat very little anyway so you have to get the bait in front of their nose. Deep water canals or dredge holes where the bottom is soft and mucky are good places to start your fishing day. Fish like to settle down in the mucky bottoms for warmth. Later in the day after the sun has warmed the water you can change your tactics and visit other areas starting on east facing shorelines which are first to catch the sun’s warming rays.

My second favorite bait for this type of fishing is the Rip Tide Mud Minnow. This versatile bait closely imitates a live mud minnow in shape and color. I like the darker colored green or Killifish versions. Work them the same way as described above with a presentation that stirs up the bottom. Don’t forget to keep it slow. If the reeling retrieve does not produce, try imparting a little jump to the presentation by lifting the rod tip gently. Just a couple of inches are usually enough. Visualize the mud minnow coming up off the bottom and landing right in front of a lethargic fish. This just might be the action required to trigger the strike.
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Peacock Bass

Talking about this cold weather may make you dream of a tropical climate like Brazil to do some fishing. This is one of those trips of a lifetime deals. It’s not inexpensive but what a trip. It’s a 10 day trip that includes at least 6 days of fishing. A trip like this is a bargain at $3,550 plus airfare and tips. If you would like more information send me an email at The trip is to the Amazon for some of the best Peacock Bass fishing in the world.

I hope to talk to you real soon with great fishing reports from Florida’s Space Coast.

As always, you can visit my website at to view pictures of the fish we catch in the Cocoa Beach area. That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.