Today was supposed to be a 6 hour combo trip, shiners and artificial, but after waiting at Johns Lake for the bait store to open and 15 minutes late, we decided we didn’t need the live bait to catch the bass. Hitting our first spot for the day, and throwing a gold Steel Shad, the bass played as we expected. There was a definite difference in air temperature, much cooler than the day before, and winds blowing 15mph out of the north made for a very chilly morning, bass had pushed out to deeper waters but could not resist these steel shad. John came for some action and had a great time, catching several good slot sized bass. During the action, John managed to snag into a brush pile twice, working the lure free, he kept at it, and I hear “ I got it again” John said he was reeling in and it just stopped, thinking he had the pile once again, until the pile started pulling back, after a few minutes, the battle was over as a nice solid 5 pounder found her way into the net for some pictures and a very gentle release, as we could see she was loaded up with eggs.
We had fished four different areas on Johns Lake today, with three of them producing bass, all coming on the steel shads in gold and silver colors, with the silver steel shad also producing a nice 1 pound crappie. Water temperatures only fluctuated 2 degrees, starting the day at 61 and ending at 63.1. More bass beds were spotted with several bucks cruising around but staying a fair distance off the beds. Numbers and size have been steadily increasing out here, and we only expect it to get even better as the bass hit the beds.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing
Capt Tim Fey
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