Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

Juan Pablo, owner of Mkuze Falls Private Game Reserve in Africa, along with friends from Mexico, Carlo Moller Vuilleumier and his son and Pablo Gonzalez with his son chartered the Happy Day Today along with the Topshotfishing team to do some sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL. Winds were out of the east northeast at 17 mph, seas running 5-8 ft. - a sporty condition, but fishing for Sailfish, which is our target, should be favorable.

After purchasing a dozen live Goggle Eyes from T&T bait at the jetties in Fort Lauderdale FL, we traveled 1.8 miles to the drop off located in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale. Due to little current, I headed north of the buoy to an artificial wreck located in 185 ft. of water. When there is little or no current, it is a good practice to position yourself over some sort of structure that holds bait fish, and in return, the predators.

We put two kites out with two live Goggle Eyes from each kite, and one Shark bait on the bottom. It was difficult to observe the bait on the left long due to the sun glaring down on the water when the line started to move off of the reel at a slow pace. Then stopped and then accelerated in speed – he is going to come up jumping and sure enough he did – a Sailfish. Carlo was our angler – he jumped into the fighting chair as the Sailfish screamed line of the reel as he tail-walked on the water away from the boat. Thirty minutes later, Mark, our mate wired the Sailfish – pictures were taken and the fish was released.

I went back to the same wreck and set up again. This time the right long – Sailfish!!!! The fun was on again as Pablo hopped in the chair to do battle with the Atlantic Sailfish. After ten minutes into the battle, accidentally the drag was hit and we had a birds nest – Holy S___! Immediately I told Mark to try to untangle the line as I stormed back in reverse so that the line would not snap. After trying to undo the tangle with no success, we told the angler to keep reeling over the birds nest. With boat in full reverse, water flying up to the bridge, we got enough line back onto the reel to be safe. Forty minutes later, the Sailfish was as the side of the boat as Mark grabbed the Sailfish for picture taking – relieve could be felt in the air – as all turned out well.

The anglers retired along with their children into the a/c salon for the trip back to the dock at Bahia Mar 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33316. Mark filet the Mahi Mahi’s which will be served for dinner tonight.

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