Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Timmy Horton has started a new custom bass fishing lure company called Profound Outdoors. His company only sells direct to anglers and lures cannot be purchased anywhere other than directly through his company.

Tim is working with Gary Klein, Edwin Evers, Paul Elias, Aaron Martins, Boyd Duckett, Kelly Jordon, Matt Reed, and other Bassmaster Elite pro Anglers to develop each lure that his company will sell. Each lure will be customed to the pro who develops their lure according to their fishing strong points. New lures are being introduced weekly and Timmy says that a full line of fishing gear from baits, to rod and reels will be online very soon. Timmy is also working on a phone app where anglers can access the website from anywhere. Timmy is going with a different concept with his company that saves thousands of dollars in advertisements by using anglers word of mouth to promote the company, and in return, anglers who promote can earn commissions.

To read more about this company, purchase lures, or maybe you would like to consider becoming a distributor for Profound outdoors, click on the link If you register on the site, You will also receive a phone number and passcode where every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern time, you can join a conference call with Timmy and Gary klein. This past Tuesday, Paul Elias, Edwin Evers, Kelly Jordon, and Matt Reed were on the call as well. Al Odom and Timmy Horton host the call and spend the first 15 minutes disussing the company and what is being released, Then other pros who are available for the call speak about their lure development and finally, Gary Klein ends the call with a 20-30 minute fishing seminar.

Again, to access Tim's website, Profound Outdoors, click the link When on the site, notice the two tabs for lures, Swampers and Azuma, look under each for the different lures currently available. To join as a distributor, simply click the Join button. Also check out Cliff Pace's new lure retriever that has sold out twice since the company started by clicking the accessories tab and clicking lure retriever. God Bless and Good Fishing.