For those who didnít register for free to listen to Bassmaster Elite Pro Anglers Timmy Horton, Edwin Evers, Cliff Pace, Kelly Jordon, Gary Klein, and Randy Haynes from the FLW Circuit, we wanted to recap the call which was nothing but exciting and very educational. Next Tuesday at 8pm eastern time, you will again have the opportunity to join in the call sponsored by Timmy Hortonís Profound Outdoors custom lure company. To obtain the number and pass code to be a part of the call, simply click the link: and register on the site.

Within one day, an email will be sent to you with the number and pass code to join the call and information that will be given during the call. Please do this before next Tuesday so we can get the information out to everybody. We had have over 190 anglers on the call this week. This is absolutely free to anyone wishing to participate. Now, back to the call.

Edwin Evers opened the conversation with what he was doing to customize his baits for Timmy Hortonís company. Unlike any other company he works with, Timmy allows the anglers to design the baits exactly as they want, not how the company wants them. Timmy Horton followed Edwin and discussed how Profound Outdoors was surrounding themselves with the best pro anglers in the business from both the Bassmaster Elite Trail and the FLW Trail.

Every product through Profound Outdoors is unique because each and every lure is designed completely by the pro to his exact specifications. There are many lures in the final design Phase that will be released soon on the website. New lures and products are being introduced weekly. Soon to be released is Kelly Jordonís soft plastic line and Randy Haynes from the FLW Tour, line of crankbaits.

Kelly Jordon then discussed the big news that Pro Fisherman Mark Pack, founder of Lake Fork Tackle, has now joined the design staff with Profound Outdoors and will be designing with Kelly their new line of soft plastics that will not only be unique in design to the industry but will be bringing back discontinued colors to these lures that were favorites of the pros.

Randy Haynes, known as the crankbait king on the FLW Tour and won Pickwick and Eufala in 2013 on deep cranking discussed the swimbait heads he was designing that had a unique head to channel water for unique action and create vibration. Also in the final design stage is his 20+ crankbait with his favorite unique colors and the rest of the line of his crankbaits.

Cliff Pace, current Bassmaster Classic World Champion joined the call and glad to hear he is better after a deer stand fall accident that kept him from defending his championship at this yearís classic. He discussed his lure knocker that has sold out twice which is bell shaped with the weight forward that allows the head to act like a hammer and hit the hook to dislodge the lure. In a recent test, the lure knocker dislodged both jig and pigs and crankbaits 99% of the time.

Gary Klein concluded the discussion with a short fishing seminar where he taught anglers how to speed cast a drop shot rig. Something unique we had not heard much about. Also did an in depth discussion about all the variables that come into play when he is preparing for a tournament. Finally, Gary concluded the call with what to expect at the classic and plans on being on the call next Tuesday to let everyone know how his practice went this week. Again, to be able to join the call by registering for free on the website or to look at some of the lures now available for purchase, or to join the Profound Team, click the link to the website: If that doesnít work for you due to your search engine, try the link;

God Bless and Good Fishing.
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