Bassmaster Elite Pro Anglers Gary Klein and Kelly Jordon have released a complete line of jigs including football head, flipping, finesse, and swim jigs on Timmy Horton’s custom bass fishing lure company Profound Outdoors,

These lures were in development for over a month with both pros dictating the exact specifications on how the jigs were to be built. The jigs are custom built to the way both pros would use in a major tournament. Some of the unique features to these jigs include bars carved in the head design that mimicks the exoskeleton of a crawfish with contoured lines, a hook that sits at a 45 degree angle at rest so a craw trailer sits upright as if defending itself, a unique line tie location that help prevent hang-ups and designed to come through the V of limbs and cracks of rocks without hanging, a 55 strand skirt, and the favorite colors of both Gary and Kelly that they rely on when fishing.

Again, these jigs are only available through Timmy Hortons’s company and can be viewed and purchased at

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