www.profoundoutdoors.com/proschoice. Timmy Horton's Profound Outdoors has released their rod protecting, Rod Sock. Profound Rod Socks are designed to prevent rod from becoming tangled and protect your rods. The braided construction and wide expandability make for easy installation and removal. Profound Rod Socks will protect your rods in rod lockers, garages, or the bed of your truck. Profound Rod Socks are made of a tough, mold and mildew resistant material. The interwoven design grips your rod tight and allows for easy removal of snagged hooks. Profound Rod Socks also provides extra protection for your rods with a reinforced rod tip end.

Helps eliminate tangled rods
Helps protects line guides & tips
Easy installation and removal
Easily cleaned and won't mold or mildew
Snagged hooks are very easily removed
Durable and abrasion resistant
Lightweight and flexible
Reinforced hardened rod tip end
The Rod Sock for casting rods start at less than $7.
To see the rod sock and other products from Timmy Horton's Profound Outdoors, go to www.profoundoutdoors.com/proschoice.