Randy Haynes, FLW Pro known as the Ledge Boss, won the FLW 3 day tournament on Kentucky Lake bagging 25+ lbs each day on the prototype Z Boss 20 crankbait that he and Timmy Horton have developed. The bait is to be released soon exclusively through Profound Outdoors, www.profoundoutdoors.com/proschoice. The crankbait was designed to dive 20+ feet with much less resistance than typical big lipped baits. Gerald Sensabaugh has just released his 2 deep jig and Edwin Evers released his Head Turner Standup jig for magnum worms last week. The Klone Plastics designed by Mark Pack are in and waiting to be released. These and other baits designed by Bassmaster Elite and FLW Pros are only available through Timmy Horton's Profound Outdoors. Click the link above to check out what has been released. Good Fishing and God Bless.