Profound Outdoors founder and Bassmaster Elite Angler Timmy Horton is restructuring his Tuesday night conference calls to focus on bass fishing tips and techniques to help bass fishermen improve their skills. Starting next Tuesday night, November 4th, conference calls will now begin with Timmy Horton and other pro Anglers doing a 20-30 minute seminar focusing on various techniques from top water fishing to jig fishing and everything in between. Many anglers pay up to $100 to attend a seminar that you can get for free for simply registering with Profound Outdoors as a visitor. The call will begin promptly at 8pm eastern time, 7pm central time every Tuesday night. After the seminar, Tim will open the lines for questions from Anglers for the next 10-15 minutes then close the call with some updates on Profound Outdoors. This new structure will allow anglers to access the fishing tips from the pros at the start of the call. We hope you will join us with this new structure and enjoy and learn from some of the best in the business like Timmy Horton, Gary Klein, Edwin Evers, Randy Haynes, Boyd Duckett, Aaron Martens, Mark Pack, and many others. Many new products are on the way and should be here by December like the new Boyd Duckett Buzzbait, the Boom Scent, ZBoss 10, and new colors like Aztec in our other popular baits. Other Baits such as the ZBoss 25, the one clacker crank bait as well at silent crankbaits and lipless baits will be available after the first of the year. If you haven't checked the site lately, click the link to see what has been added. If you would like to join our conference call each Tuesday night, simply click the above link and under the shop now tab register as a visitor. each Monday night, you will receive the phone number and passcode via email to join the call. Also, PLEASE NOTE: when ordering a lure, if the color does not show in the drop box, then that color is temporarily out of stock. Good Fishing and God Bless.