Check out Timmy Horton's video of the Shaker Z lipless Crank in action. This is the lure that Tim caught 5 bass weighing over 29lbs at Lake Seminole. Tim explains the unique characteristics of this lipless bait and what has made it unlike any other in the industry. Click the link for the video,

Check out all of the colors of the Shaker Z and get ready for those big pre spawn bass by clicking the link to Profound Outdoors,

Tim will be starting back the Tuesday night calls on January 6th and will be having many of our Pro Staff Team including Boyd Duckett, Edwin Evers, Gary Klein, Randy Haynes, Cliff Pace, and others on the call doing fishing tips and techniques. If you would like to join these call for free and ask these guys your fishing questions, simply go to and register as a visitor under the "shop now" section at the top of the page. Profound Outdoors will send the phone number and passcode to your email on Tuesday mornings to join the call Tuesday night at 8pm eastern time.

January will also see the release of several new products that have been in the making such as the Boom Scent, Z Boss 10, Boyd Ducket's new buzzbait, The original Alabama Rig, and much more.

Good Fishing and God Bless !!