An Underrated Fish

This wind is beginning to bother me. The last two outings have been plagued by 15 to 20 mph winds and difficult fishing conditions. Each of these two days was made bearable by what most consider to be an unworthy target. The jack crevalle is considered by many to just be a junk fish, but pound for pound they are one of the toughest fighters around.

Both of my last two fishing trips included kids, and they don’t care so much about what kind of fish they catch as they do about how hard they pull. Just look at Robert in the picture below. Does he look like he’s having fun - sure he does, and that’s a jack on the other end of the line.

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He caught 10 or 12 that day and made what could have been a horrible wind blown day turn in to an exciting day for this young fisherman. Better yet, the jacks give an excellent opportunity to coach kids in how to land a fish on light tackle. The practice alone made it all worthwhile.

My next trip was also greeted by high winds, starting early and getting worse as the day went on. The first hour was unproductive as we tried some various spots that were hidden from the wind. My anglers were from New York. Tom was the dad and his two sons were Nick and Will. They were 11 and 12 years old. Then, we found some jacks again, just like the day before. We proceeded to catch a few and then move on to look for some more glamorous fish.

After a couple more hours of not finding a redfish or even a trout, the boys were ask if they wanted to go back where we caught the jacks. It was a unanimous YES! We did return to the previous location and the boys caught many more fish, doubling up on several occasions. On both days the jacks were eager to hit either a Rip Tide Mullet or a Rip Tide Flats Chub (see picture) rigged on a red Pro Jig Head. The favorite colors included glow and gold apricot.

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Just having fun fishing was a lot more important for these kids and catching a lowly jack did not detract from their excitement and enjoyment of the fishing trip. As a matter of fact, it didn’t detract from mine either. I had a blast watching those kids pull on those hard fighting jacks.

Peacock Bass

Talking about this cold weather may make you dream of a tropical climate like Brazil to do some fishing. This is one of those trips of a lifetime deals. It’s not inexpensive but what a trip. It’s a 10 day trip that includes at least 6 days of fishing. A trip like this is a bargain at $3,550 plus airfare and tips. If you would like more information send me an email at The trip is to the Amazon for some of the best Peacock Bass fishing in the world.

Kids Fishing Clinic

If you have kids and live in the Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island area you can take them out for a great day of fun and fishing this coming Saturday, Feb. 23 at Kiwanis Park on Merritt Island. The event is part of the Brevard Parks and Recreation’s Sykes Creek Adventures. Coastal Angler Magazine, supported by the Florida Guides Association and numerous volunteers and supporters, are offering a kids fishing clinic. Hook Kids on Fishing will be held from 10:30 to 1:00 with the first 100 kids receiving a free rod and reel. Safety, Conservation, Rigging and Tackle, Knot Tying, and Casting will all be covered and the last hour will be spent fishing.

I hope to talk to you real soon with great fishing reports from Florida’s Space Coast.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.